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The following sites are currently available or are upcoming development sites.

If you have a specific location in mind please contact us.

  • What type of person becomes a Little Sparrow Melbourne Franchisee?
    An important step in your franchise buying journey is to consider if a business is the right fit for you. We are proud of our reputation for recruiting exceptional franchisees who share our vision and passion for the Little Sparrow Melbourne brand. We see a franchisee as self-motivated with business acumen, some entrepreneurial flair and an absolute passion for coffee and customer service. If you have these qualities, you are someone we would like to speak to about joining our family.
  • Do you charge Franchise fees?
    This is a major point of difference between Little Sparrow Melbourne and the majority of other Franchises. As all stores are different, we do not have set franchise fees, we work together with our franchisees on a tailored negotiated franchise fee to suit each individual store. This way we help contribute to the continuous financial success of the business.
  • Do I need to be Involved in working in a Little Sparrow Melbourne store?
    At little Sparrow Melbourne we do not require you to be an experienced operator to own a Little Sparrow Melbourne Franchise. We will help you establish an experienced team including a Manager and supervisor that will be able to run your store. You may be solely an investor as we believe it is very important that we have the upmost experience staff running your store with the overseeing from head office. This is our commitment to our Franchisee that we will oversee the running of the store and constantly liaise with management and staff to help make the store as successful as possible.
  • What type of Franchise support should I expect?
    Little Sparrow Melbourne Franchisees receive on-going training and operations support in all areas of their business, from local area marketing, business management, stock control, human resources, strategy development, and mentoring. Our support criteria are in place to ensure that our franchisees can be assured of the best possible support available to be able to deliver a superior customer experience.
  • What sort of investment is needed to open a Little Sparrow Melbourne Franchise?
    The initial investment for a Greenfield site (new site and territory rather than the resale of an existing Centre) depends on a range of factors, including the site location, the fit-out and specifications, and lease terms. The initial investment can start from $390,000 plus GST and range to $790,00 plus GST. There are also opportunities in purchasing an established store which is not subject to GST as it would be sold as a going concern. Visit our stores available section to view current stores available.
  • Is investing in a Franchise risk free?
    Investing in a business with an established franchise brand allows new business owners to reduce their risk when compared to starting a brand-new business with no prior track record. With a franchise operation you also have access to the management experience, training, marketing, supplier relationships and other benefits that come with an established franchise system. However, no business is without risk and it is important that all new franchisees take steps to educate themselves and get independent advice before making the decision to invest.
  • Should I seek independent advice before becoming a Little Sparrow Franchisee?
    YES. Under the Franchising Code of Conduct all franchisors must advise a prospective franchisee that they should obtain independent legal, business, and accounting advice. Little Sparrow Melbourne believes that it is essential for all prospective franchisees to gain a full understanding of the conditions of their investment in a Little Sparrow Melbourne franchise.
  • Can I sell my Little Sparrow business in the future?
    YES. A Little Sparrow Melbourne franchise business is yours to sell. Your franchise agreement sets out all the requirements for a sale. Any prospective buyer will need to go through our standard recruitment and selection process.
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