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At Little Sparrow, we offer you the opportunity to embark on a new exciting journey with a successful national proven brand. Our specialised team have vast knowledge and experience in the hospitality Industry and can provide you with a great opportunity to operate your own successful business.

Our new age Franchise concept does not require you to pay high ongoing Franchise fees to be part of our group or brand.


Little Sparrow Melbourne does not charge a standard Franchise fee to all stores like many other Franchisors do. As all stores are different, we work together with our Franchisees on a specifically tailored franchise fee to suit each individual store. This means lower royalties fees then others which allows our franchisees to capitalise on the income made by the store.

Our business concept is to grow together with our partners and be able to provide them with adequate training and the resources required in conjunction with the groups buying power prices which will give the new franchisee every opportunity for success.

There are many key factors to creating a successful new business. Our team will analyse all the key fundamentals using various types of resources in determining the style of operation, market research, demographics, risk management, geological location of the area, foot traffic at various times, accessibility and parking surrounding the location. These are just some of the key fundamentals which helps determine a Little Sparrow location for one of our future business partners. 

The benefits of becoming a new franchisee with Little Sparrow are very rewarding, especially with low ongoing fees. We can provide you with a flexibility of options in purchasing an already established store or one of our previously selected greenfield sites. You also have the opportunity, to work with our team of experts and source a new greenfield location of your choice. We currently have various concepts to suit your financial budget.

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