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Our boutique roastery arm is located in Melbourne and has spent many years researching and sourcing green beans for both our award winning blended and single origin coffee which are harvested from different altitudes and locations from around the world. This unique combination has allowed our roasters to create the ultimate liquid gold cup of coffee which would suffice the most fastidious coffee connoisseur.  

With our numerous blends we can accommodate, all cafés with a blend that suits their business model, demographic and location of their business. This in turn will allow you to target a specific type of customer. With the support of our specialised roasting team we can provide you with the best possible opportunity for success.


We have access to a large range of new espresso machines and equipment that will allow you to provide the best possible coffee to your customers. Our equipment will be able to be supplied on a loan basis depending on your coffee requirements.  



Our state-of-the-art equipment and premium coffee beans still require a well-trained barista. Our ongoing training program includes barista, equipment and latte art training.  This would be an ongoing commitment from us to ensure every cup served in your café is the perfect coffee that will be enjoyed by all.

If you would like to partner with Little Sparrow Melbourne and stock a high premium coffee for your clientele, please either fill out the form below or call us direct on ( 03 ) 9865 5997 and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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